Karaoke Combat

A game of dueling duets



Karaoke Combat is a live action game that is played in a Karaoke club (or room). The game is divided into challenge rounds. Each round is worth one point. Two teams complete challenges until one team reaches 5 points. The first team that earns 5 points, wins the game.

Teams sizes can be 4-6 players and do not have to be evenly matched.

The game is hosted by an emcee who keeps track of the score and reads the challenges for each round. Some challenges require the host to judge the outcome of the round and declare a winner. The Host’s decisions are final. The Host also keeps track of penalties.

Each round begins with the Host drawing a challenge from the box. After reading the challenge out loud, players follow the instructions. Some challenges will involve players competing head-to-head while other challenges may have each team taking turns.

When a challenge requires the player to ‘stay on the lyrics.’ A judge must penalize the player each time they make a mistake. A player can only be penalized once every three seconds. Penalties can affect the round in various ways and is further explained by the round’s challenge card. Penalties can only be given for omitting or rushing lyrics, not for pitch correctness.


Random Back and Forth
Some device/indicator randomly switches control of the song back and forth between two singers from opposing teams. The player must pick up the song on the next word The team with the most penalties loses the point.

Replace a Word
When the lyrics have a word that starts with a particular letter – like ‘p’. The player must replace it with the word ‘tomato’ or something like that.

Dueling Duets
Two opposing teams go head to head in a duet. Players complete a physical challenge in their downtime or while they are singing if practical. Challenges include:

  • Build a house of cards. Most levels wins. Lose one level for each penalty.
  • Write a poem.  Best poem wins. Lose a line of poetry for each penalty.

Video Narration
Players must narrate the video that accompanies the song. Instead of singing the lyrics, they sing about what is going on. The host determines the winner.

Drinking Challenge
A player has to sing the selected song but also drink an entire beverage during the downtime of the lyrics. Songs will probably need to be from a pre-selected list. If the beverage is not drank by the end of the song, the team has lost the challenge. Could we make this head to head?

Double Time
The song is played at twice or three times it’s normal speed. Players take turns. Least penalties wins.

Name a Song
Players are given the name of a band or solo artist. They must take turns listing songs released from that artist.

Name That Band
Players are given song titles from a band or solo artist. The first one to guess the band wins the point. Could be two out of three.

Name That Tune
Players wear a blindfold and must name the song before their opponent.

Audience sings
The audience is given the title of the song. They start singing it a capella until a player guesses it. link

Singing Relay
A team has to sing a song with each team member taking turns singing alternate words of the song. link

Back-up Dancers
Players from the opposing team back up a singer. The dancers that perform the best win the round.

Competitive Song Sketching
Players are given drawing materials to illustrate a song that is being performed by another player. The judge selects the best interpretation of the song.