Karaoke Combat

A game of dueling duets


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Karaoke Combat is coming.

That's not a mic!

Ooh! A mystery. What could it be? It sounds fun.

Karaoke Combat is a brainstorm I had earlier in the month. Last week I finally got around to writing down some of my ideas. Yesterday, I finished a first draft of the game, so I bought the domain name and installed this WordPress blog.  I’ve decided I’m going to try and document my ongoing development of the game as a fun side project. I’ll be filling in details over the next few days. You know, details like, the rules and what the game actually is.

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be updating, so if you are interested in tracking the project I recommend adding the RSS feed to your reader.

Woohoo! We’re doing it!!!

Photo by Jeremy Eades

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