Karaoke Combat

A game of dueling duets


Play Testing Results


A few days ago, I completed the first round of play testing for the game (with the help of a few friends). In general a good time was had by all, but there were quite a road bumps I encountered.

First and foremost is pacing. In general everything was taking a little bit longer than I expected but I think this can be alleviated by being a little more prepared with queuing up the songs. I think my initial estimate of first to ten points might make the game last more than an hour, so I am revising it down to first to five points wins. I would rather have a short game than a long one.

One element that seems to be missing is the energy normally associated with karaoke singing. Right now my concerns are keeping the energy up and loud and not slowing things down with explanations. I might need to design a dependable possibly re-occurring challenge that has the fun and energy built in.

When I got into the space I immediately started getting ideas for other challenges. One that I tried that evening was Competitive Song Sketching. I’ve added that to the Challenge pool.

I think one of the most enjoyable challenges was simply Name that Tune. We played it between two individuals but it could have been team vs. team. It can be surprisingly difficult identifying a song without the vocals. It’s also great fun for the team mates who can see the song title to watch the competitors try and figure it out. Here are a few notes on the other challenges:

  • Replace a word was a little soft and might need some tweaking.
  • Dueling duets was enjoyable but harder than I anticipated. I think I’ll tweak that one a little as well.
  • Name a song and Name that Band went well.
  • I did not get a chance to do: Random Back and Forth, Back-up Dancers, Audience Sings or Singing Relay.

I hope to be able to do another round of testing this coming month.


I’ve added a list of challenges to the rules page. I imagine this list will continue to grow as I think of new ideas and test them out.

I’ve tried to create challenges that will be physical and/or visual with the hope that the game will be fun to watch, even if you aren’t playing.

Side Note: I’m putting together a group for play testing. If you are interested, sign up for news alerts in the sidebar mailing list and I’ll keep you in the loop.


Them’s the Rules

Rules Icon

I added some information to the rules page. It should give you a decent idea of the game’s structure. I’ll eventually need to add a few example challenges, but I’ll save that till later.

Karaoke Combat is coming.

That's not a mic!

Ooh! A mystery. What could it be? It sounds fun.

Karaoke Combat is a brainstorm I had earlier in the month. Last week I finally got around to writing down some of my ideas. Yesterday, I finished a first draft of the game, so I bought the domain name and installed this WordPress blog.  I’ve decided I’m going to try and document my ongoing development of the game as a fun side project. I’ll be filling in details over the next few days. You know, details like, the rules and what the game actually is.

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be updating, so if you are interested in tracking the project I recommend adding the RSS feed to your reader.

Woohoo! We’re doing it!!!

Photo by Jeremy Eades